Kapell Kapell vid vägen är / Chapel Chapel by the road

A work resulting in a collection of stories about chapels and the life surrounding them. In some cases the houses still remain intact, in others they have burnt down or gained a completely new function as housing. For the exhibition “Insidan ut” (Inside out) at Västernorrland municipal museum we deployed our own method for updating the museum’s latest inventory of parishes and chapels in the municipality of Timrå.

We travelled in Timrå compiling contemporary stories about the buildings. Pelles Hörna (Pelle’s corner), a gambling kiosk in Söråker, became our information centre from where we got the most and best information about historical times and the buildings significance for the neighborhood. One example: The baptist chapel “Elim” in Skäggsta. If the neighbor hadn’t turned off the water pump, the liquor factory had still been working today. When the neighbor heard the water pump running for a longer time he thought it was a big water leak and turned the water off. This event was what caused the north of Sweden’s largest and most notorious liquor factory to explode.